One of the worst things that can happen to Ruckersville, VA residents is to have the air conditioning go out in the middle of summer. AC maintenance goes a long way toward preventing air conditioning repair, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could predict AC breakdowns and avert them?

Fortunately, you can. Here are a few signs that help you forecast an imminent AC repair.

Noises and Noses

Unusual smells and sounds are clear signals an AC repair is on the horizon. Smells might signal an electrical problem, bacterial growth on a coil or condensate pan, or unwelcome critters living in your air ducts. Noises can indicate a variety of issues:

  • Buzzing: broken capacitor, excess vibration, failing fan motor
  • Clanging: damaged fan blades, unbalanced blower, broken part
  • Screeches or squeals: bad belt or bearing, refrigerant leak, high compressor pressure
  • Whistling: clogged filters, obstructed air ducts

Inconsistent Cooling

Some temperature fluctuation is normal between rooms or floors, but dramatic differences should not happen. Uneven temperatures can warn you of the following problems and possible AC repairs:

  • Hot and cold spots: poor airflow, blocked or leaky ductwork
  • Warm air blowing: thermostat problems, broken duct, compressor problems
  • Poor airflow: impending compressor failure, clogged filters

Excessive Moisture or Water

High humidity levels in your home indicate your AC unit isn’t efficiently pulling the moisture out of the air. High humidity and water pooling around your AC unit are red flags for these AC repairs:

  • Plugged or broken condensate drain line
  • Broken condensate pump
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Faulty evaporator coil
  • Malfunctioning indoor coil

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, the likelihood is high that an AC repair — and possibly AC replacement — is at hand. We offer outstanding air conditioning repair services at Duct-Rite Mechanical LLC. We also encourage you to call (540) 216-0545 and talk with one of our service technicians about our preventive AC maintenance agreements.

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