Having hot and cold spots in your Ruckersville, VA home is a clear signal that something’s out of kilter. That something is usually the airflow.

The airflow from your HVAC supply registers should equal the airflow in your return registers. When it’s not, you have an unbalanced system. Duct balancing and ductless mini-splits are two options homeowners have to ensure even temperatures throughout their home.

Duct Balancing

Balancing the air in your ductwork is perhaps the No. 1 thing you can do to ensure that your HVAC equipment performs efficiently and delivers even comfort. To balance your system, our technicians perform a series of measurements:

  • Calculate total airflow your system requires
  • Measure airflow from each supply register
  • Measure airflow into each return vent

Based on the comparison of actual measurements to your system’s requirements, our technicians make the adjustments necessary to balance the airflow. Modifications can include installing a duct fan or dampers, depending on whether you need to boost or curb the air supply to different parts of your home. They can also make adjustments to the vanes on your registers that direct the airflow in a direction that creates better circulation within that room.

How Can A Ductless Mini-Split Help?

Sometimes basic air balancing isn’t enough to solve the problem, such as when you construct a room addition or convert a garage or attic into livable space. Additionally, some rooms might require special HVAC needs, such as a south-facing room, a room with many windows, or a computer room.

In those scenarios, your current heat pump might not be large enough to handle the additional square footage or unique demands. Mini-splits offer the flexibility and targeted zoning you need to provide consistent comfort in those areas.

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable hot and cold spots, give us a call at (540) 216-0545. Our service technicians at Duct-Rite Mechanical have the expertise and skill to evaluate the airflow in your Ruckersville, VA home and determine the cause of your temperature imbalance. Whether you need duct balancing, a ductless mini-split, or something else, we can help!

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