When your Madison, VA air conditioner overheats, it can lead to more than your discomfort. An AC that overheats is a safety hazard that you shouldn’t ignore. Here are some steps explaining what to do if your AC overheats.

1. Turn the AC Off

The AC will likely turn itself off when it overheats. But, when you notice a problem, you should switch the AC to the off position. Continuing to run the AC can cause damage to the unit and create a fire hazard.

2. Examine the Air Filter

An air filter that has a clog or is extremely dirty can cause an AC to overheat. If the filter is visibly dirty, it’s time for a new one. Regular maintenance can help keep the air filter clean.

3. Examine the Air Vents

If an air vent has a blockage or isn’t open, this restricts the airflow coming to and from the AC. The AC will have to work harder, and overheating can occur. Ensure the vents are open and that no objects are blocking the airflow.

4. Make Sure Condenser Coils Are Clean

Dirty condenser coils can lead to overheating by preventing the correct dissipation of heat. Regular maintenance on your system includes cleaning the condenser coils. If you haven’t had a maintenance visit in a while, call to schedule one.

5. Take a Look at the Thermostat

Look at your thermostat settings. A too-low temperature setting on a hot day will cause the AC to run continuously to reach the correct temperature, making it overheat. For example, an AC will have to work extra hard to reach a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit on a 90-degree day.

Contact Duct-Rite Mechanical to find out why your AC is overheating and to schedule ac repair service. We offer AC repair and installation in Madison, VA and the surrounding areas.

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