If you’re like most homeowners in Madison, VA, stoves and refrigerators top the list of household appliances that you think about replacing. Since heating and cooling systems are a significant investment, you should add HVAC equipment to your list of planned replacements. Here are three signals that tell you when it’s time to start considering a new AC or heat pump installation.

How Old is Your AC Unit or Heat Pump?

ENERGY STAR reports that you should start considering a new AC or heat pump if your equipment is more than 10 years old. Units nearing the end of their lifespan aren’t as efficient as newer ones. With the increase in energy costs over the last decade, an inefficient system can be costing you big bucks.

What’s the Repair Record of Your Equipment?

Frequent breakdowns result if you neglect AC maintenance, but they also stem from the workload on your equipment. With the heat and humidity that hit Madison, VA in the summer, air conditioners, and heat pumps get a good workout. When repairs start to occur more frequently — for whatever reason — it’s clear that you should start thinking about replacing your air conditioner or heat pump.

How Efficient is Your Cooling System?

Your system’s age and repair record provide vital clues as to when it’s time for a new AC or heat pump installation, but they don’t tell the whole story. Your equipment might not be that old or experiencing that many repairs, but you still might not be achieving optimal comfort. Variable-speed compressors, ductless options, Wi-Fi connectivity, and home automation systems are a few of the latest innovations that enhance comfort, reduce energy costs, and increase convenience.

If you think it’s time to replace your cooling equipment, check out our AC or heat pump installation services or call (540) 216-0545. We’ll walk you through the replacement process and help you plan for a smooth transition.

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