Recovery mode is a feature on your thermostat that allows it to slowly bring the temperature back to the set point over time. This is useful if your furnace goes off for an extended period, such as overnight, and you don’t want the house in Madison, VA, to be too cold when you wake up in the morning. Below are factors that cause your thermostat to go into recovery mode.

To Attain Programmed Temperature

If you want a particular temperature at a specific time, your thermostat will automatically enter recovery mode to attain the temperature at the set time while keeping it in good repair. For instance, if you want the temperature to be at 68 degrees Fahrenheit at 7 a.m. and it is currently 60 degrees Fahrenheit, your thermostat will go into recovery mode at 6 a.m. to make sure that the temperature increases by 8 degrees in one hour.

Furnace Malfunction

Furnaces are complex machines with many parts that can break down over time. If your furnace is not working properly, it may cause your thermostat to go into recovery mode.

One common problem is a dirty or clogged filter. A dirty filter restricts the airflow through the furnace, which can cause the furnace to overheat and shut off. This will cause the thermostat to go into recovery mode to prevent the furnace from overheating again.

Increased Efficiency

If your furnace is new, it may be more efficient than the old one. It will take less time to heat the house to the set point. As a result, your thermostat may go into recovery mode more often because it will reach the set point faster.

If you discover that your thermostat goes into recovery mode frequently, ensure you consult Duct-Rite Mechanical to determine the cause and implement the necessary repairs. We offer top-quality AC services to keep your home comfortable all year round.

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