Your HVAC maintenance is key to its efficiency and functionality this fall in Madison, VA. After the scorching heat and high humidity levels during summertime, your system may have been overworking and is now in need of maintenance. Here are reasons why the fall season is the perfect time to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system.

Boosting Your Indoor Air Quality

Your level of indoor air quality affect the health of you and your loved ones. Homes with poor indoor air quality contain allergens that aggravate breathing-related health complications, including colds and asthma.

When you schedule a maintenance service, you can expect the HVAC professional to tune up your system, ensuring the heat exchanger and flue work efficiently. For clients with gas furnaces, having zero gas leaks keeps you from being at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, have an HVAC technician conduct a system inspection to keep you healthy this fall.

HVAC Maintenance Increases HVAC Lifespan

Under proper routine maintenance, your HVAC system can give you up to 10-15 years of service or even longer. Professional heating and cooling maintenance ensures your system stays at its peak, lessening system damage and preventing the system from overworking. As a result, your HVAC system performs efficiently and without strain, thus lasting a longer period.

Prevent High Energy Bills

p>You can expect to heat your home more this fall to keep the cold outside. Your household heating practices contribute to at least 40% of all your energy costs. Therefore, to control a spike in your utility bills, schedule maintenance before the fall season goes into winter.

The beginning of the fall season is the perfect time to maintain your system after a busy air conditioning summer. Contact and hire Duct-Rite Mechanical experts to schedule your maintenance appointment and any HVAC repairs.

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