Don’t sit around worrying about your furnace. Have confidence in its ability to keep you warm when temperatures plummet. Learn about the signs of looming problems and get furnace repair at your Madison County, VA home before your heater fails.

Your Home Never Feels Warm Enough

Do you feel like you’re always turning up the thermostat to get warm? Do some rooms feel colder than others? Lack of heating comfort is an early sign of heating problems.

Sometimes, changing a clogged air filter resolves the problem, but not always. Leaky ductwork and dirty heating systems contribute to heating issues too. If you can’t get warm in your house, throw on another layer of clothing and call a heating specialist. Have them come to your home to inspect the system and tune it up and clean it to prevent more serious issues from developing.

You Hear Unusual Sounds May Mean Furnace Repair

Not every sound your furnace makes points to a problem. Yet, if you hear noises and your vents no longer blow heated air, don’t brush off the sound.

Loud, unfamiliar noises often signal a bigger issue waiting to show itself. Loose or damaged electrical connections buzz. Worn-out fan belts screech to get your attention. Heaters with burner issues bang or pop. Never ignore weird sounds because they could lead to dangerous situations.

Your Furnace Kicks On and Off Without Completing a Cycle

The average heating cycle on a normal winter’s day should last 10-15 minutes. Does your furnace kick on but turn off within a couple of minutes? Does it repeat this pattern frequently? The unit is short-cycling.

When the heater can’t complete a heating cycle, it wastes energy and places undue stress on the unit, shortening its lifespan. Call for repairs ASAP.

Stay warm and comfortable inside your home all winter and trust your furnace to do its job. If you suspect your heating system isn’t working right, call Duct-Rite Mechanical LLC to schedule furnace repair right away.

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