A heater breakdown in the middle of winter is not fun for any Madison, VA homeowner. While HVAC maintenance can help prevent this from happening, there are other signs and sounds that can warn you of an impending heating repair.

Strange Sounds

A good way to know when your furnace needs professional help is by keeping an ear out for strange noises coming from your system. Different sounds can mean different issues, some more severe than others.

#1 Rattling

Rattling is the most common issue that presents in HVAC systems. If you hear this sound, parts may have come loose inside your system or debris is causing your air filter to clog. Rattling is not extremely dangerous to your heater, but it can worsen if it goes on ignored.

#2 Squealing

You will hear a squealing noise if your system’s motor is failing or the fan belt starts to wear out. Thankfully, this is an easy, and normally inexpensive, fix. Just make sure to contact us before the belt breaks, as this leads to a bigger and more expensive issue.

#3 Hissing

Hissing noises coming from your furnace can mean a more dangerous problem than rattling or squealing sounds. This strange sound might be caused by leaky duct work, which leads to lower energy efficiency, poor airflow and a potential system breakdown.

Poor Airflow

If you don’t hear any of the strange noises above, but your furnace is not heating your home properly, then this can be another sign of impending heating repair. Poor airflow is often caused by lack of maintenance or a dirty air filter. An HVAC expert can diagnose the problem and perform any needed repair.

High Energy Bills

A strange increase in your energy bills should also serve as a warning sign. Problems with specific components of your furnace or a clogged air filter can cause poor efficiency levels because your furnace is having to work harder than normal. This can also lead to a furnace repair.

Whether your system is making strange sounds, not heating your home properly, or you see large spikes on your energy bills, our HVAC professionals can diagnose the problem and perform any needed furnace repair. Contact Duct-Rite Mechanical at (540) 216-0545 if you see any of these warning signs.

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