Furnace size plays an important role in the comfort of your Ruckersville, VA home. If your heating system isn’t the correct size, then several problems can occur. Here are some reasons why you need a furnace that’s the right size for your home.

An Undersized Heating System Is Inefficient

A heating system that’s too small will struggle to heat your home, and that struggle will cost you money. In an attempt to heat your home, an undersized heating system runs more often than it should. You’ll have a higher power bill than you’d have with a heating system of the correct size.

An undersized heating system also won’t last as long as one that’s the proper size. The wear and tear of constantly running will take its toll. You’ll have to replace it or pay for maintenance more often than you’d like.

An Oversized Furnace Starts and Stops Too Often

A heating system that’s too large for your home will start and stop more than is necessary. If it’s too big, it will quickly reach the desired temperature. But this will result in temperature shifts that cause it to start and stop too often.

A furnace uses the most energy when it’s starting up. So, if it’s constantly starting and stopping it’s a furnace that’s wasting power.

An Incorrectly Sized Furnace Ruins Comfort

You get the best results from a furnace that’s the right size for your home. Anything else will result in temperatures that are too cold or too warm. That means you’ll frequently need to adjust the thermostat.

Contact our professional technicians at Duct-Rite Mechanical LLC for all your heating services. Our experts can make sure you have the correct furnace size. We can also help with all your heating repair and maintenance needs.

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