The warm season often comes with stuffiness. Living in a house with insufficient airflow can be stressful, leaving you looking for ideas to help your indoor air. Below, we will cover ways to improve the airflow in your Culpeper, VA, home.

1. Use Your Fan

Ceiling fans help improve airflow by circulating air in your house. Set your ceiling fan to rotate in a clockwise direction during the warmer months. They will push the cool air down by doing this circulating with the warm air that collects toward the ceiling. Ceiling fans create a slight wind chill on your skin helping you feel cooler also.

2. Get a Ventilator

A ventilator helps bring fresh air in from outside and remove the stale air in your living space. As the new air comes in, the ventilator filters it to reduce pollutants that may interfere with indoor air quality. Modern ventilators also transfer the heat from the incoming air to the outgoing air.

3. Pay Attention to Your Vents

Vents allow the air from your HVAC system to enter your living space. Over time, duct and dirt may accumulate on these structures and restrict airflow. You may have also placed your furniture too close to the vents, interfering with proper airflow.

Check and clean your vents with soapy water occasionally. Ensuring none of your household items are blocking the airflow will help as well.

4. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance helps to inspect all your system’s parts to ensure they are working as they should. Your technician will identify components that hinder smooth airflow and repair them.

5. Invest in Exhaust Fans

Steam from your bathroom and vapors from your kitchen may make your house feel stuffy. Be sure to run exhaust fans to assist with removing stale air and odors.

Our technicians have the right training and tools to improve your airflow. Call Duct-Rite Mechanical, LLC when you need quality HVAC repair services in Culpeper, VA.

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