Every year, homeowners around Culpeper, VA, experience HVAC breakdowns during the hottest parts of the summer. This is mostly caused by failing parts and the stress of extreme temperatures. Here are five items that a technician includes on your spring HVAC maintenance checklist to avoid breakdowns this summer.

The Filters

Your air filters are one of the most critical parts of your system, keeping unwanted contaminants from the system. When these clog, they prevent the system from functioning properly and increase the strain on your system.

You should check your filters every month, with a plan of replacing them about every 90 days.

The Coils

Your system has two sets of coils that help transfer heat from inside to outside, the condensing and evaporator coils. Both of these need regular cleaning to prevent an airflow restriction from the dust and dirt they collect. Both coils need inspecting to ensure there are no small refrigerant leaks.

The Fans

Your system also has two fans that help move air correctly, the condensing fan outside and the circulating fan inside. Fan maintenance includes cleaning and balancing, along with lubricating the motor bearings. The condensing fan blades loosen over time and need tightening to prevent unusual torque on the motor.

Refrigerant Level

Your system operates optimally with a specific amount of refrigerant circulating. Sometimes older systems develop small leaks, which eventually lead to damage to the compressor and extensive AC repairs.

Electrical Controls

Your air conditioning system also has several electrical controls that need testing. There is, of course, the thermostat inside, but also the contactor and capacitor outside. The two outside components are prone to wearing out, sometimes preventing your system from starting or even causing short cycling.

Give your system the care it needs to get the most from it this season. Call Duct-Rite Mechanical to schedule your HVAC maintenance today.

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