Your HVAC system’s efficiency determines its ability to cool or heat your home in Madison, VA. While this term may seem confusing, it simply means how well it works for the amount of energy used. Here are four signs your HVAC system may be operating inefficiently.

1. High Humidity in Your Home

As your air conditioning runs, it not only cools your air but also acts as a dehumidifier. The evaporator coil is so cold that as the air moves over it, it condenses the moisture out of it. If your air remains muggy as your system runs, it is a telltale sign your system is not efficiently doing its job.

2. HVAC Is Constantly Running

Your air conditioner has an optimal runtime, allowing time for it to both cool and dehumidify the air. If the cycle is too short or too long, it not only indicates a problem but also prevents the system from doing its job properly. Your system constantly running may lead to freezes at the evaporator coil, creating an airflow restriction.

3. Creeping Utility Bills

While your utility bills will fluctuate month to month, if you notice bills creeping up, you have a problem. This usually happens because your system isn’t effectively cooling your home, which causes longer cycles. Not only do longer cycles raise your utility bills, but they also strain your system, leading to additional AC repairs.

4. Hot or Cold HVAC Zones

If your system is running properly, then the rooms throughout your home should be a fairly consistent temperature. If there’s a problem reducing your efficiency, you’ll notice some areas are colder or hotter than others. These problems aren’t always mechanical in nature but may also indicate problems with ventilation and insulation.

Don’t wait for a major breakdown before paying attention to your HVAC system. Call and schedule your HVAC maintenance with the team at Duct-Rite Mechanical, LLC, today.

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