If you’re looking for a better way to clean your indoor air, consider the Air Scrubber by Aerus®. The technology utilizes a photocatalyst system that creates oxidation molecules that kill 99% of surface contaminants. Below is a discussion of how your Culpeper, VA home, can benefit from using the Aerus Air Scrubber with ActivePure® Technology.

How Does an Aerus Air Scrubber Work?

Using a specialized light wave and a proprietary photocatalyst, an this air scrubber creates scrubbing hydrogen and oxygen molecules that eliminate pathogens. The oxidation molecules get disseminated into the environment and eliminate impurities. The molecules are safe to pets and people but deadly to microscopic contaminants, such as dust mites.

Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Apart from improving indoor air quality and keeping everyone safe, an this air scrubber can extend the lifespan of your system. The air scrubber easily attaches to your HVAC system and eliminates contaminants to prevent damaging your unit.

The breakdowns are not only expensive to repair, but they also reduce the service life of your system. Consider installing an Aerus air scrubber for improved efficiency.

Protect Your Home

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listed indoor air among the top five causes of respiratory problems. However, using the Air Scrubber by Aerus®, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from illness. The technology not only kills airborne impurities, but it also kills those on all surfaces

Aerus Air Scrubber Reduces Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

If you or your family member suffers from asthma or allergies, you’re more likely to experience worsened symptoms while in the house. The situation worsens due to airborne particles such as dust and dirt inside the house. Installing an Aerus air scrubber with ActivePure® technology will ensure that you get clean air and that your condition doesn’t get aggravated.

Clean and Purify Your Indoor Air

According to the EPA, your indoor air may be two to five times more polluted than the outdoor air. With an this air scrubber, however, you can enjoy clean and purified indoor air. The system removes odor and other impurities such as VOC and gases.

An Aerus air scrubber is a sure way to keep your loved one healthy. At Duct-Rite Mechanical, we’ll help you achieve good indoor air quality.

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