An inefficient air conditioner typically will not keep your home’s occupants comfortable. Knowing when your air conditioner is running inefficiently will help you act early enough to restore your comfort. We will explore some signs of an inefficient AC system in Madison, VA.

High Energy Bills

When you notice an increase in your energy bill, your air conditioner is one of the appliances you should pay close attention to. Air conditioner problems that may increase your system’s energy consumption include a clogged air filter, dirty coils, leaky ductwork, an improperly sized system or refrigerant leaks.

You can replace your air filter to see whether the issue resolves itself. You can also seek the services of a technician to repair leakages and inspect all the system components for hidden issues.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

If there are rooms in your house that are cool while others are warm, it shows your air conditioner is failing to regulate temperatures efficiently. Uneven temperature distribution may arise due to leaking ductwork, refrigerant leaks or a dirty outdoor component.

Sometimes, the air conditioner is not to blame for the uneven temperatures in your house. You may have blocked your vents with your furniture, hindering the cooled air from entering some rooms.

Running Continuously

If your air conditioner no longer runs in cycles, there is an underlying problem that needs a technician’s attention. Running constantly increases wear and tear on the system’s components, thus reducing their life.

Accelerated wear and tear translates to frequent breakdowns. Frequent breakdowns cause more AC downtime and increased repair costs.

Short Cycling

A short cycling air conditioner does not complete a cooling cycle. It shuts down midway and starts the cooling cycle afresh.

Short cycling increases your energy bills and wear and tear on your AC components. Therefore, it is essential to address the issue as soon as you detect it.

Our experienced team will take care of any inefficiencies in your system after an inspection. Contact Duct-Rite Mechanical, LLC for exceptional air conditioning installation services in Madison, VA.

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