Regardless of the age of your Madison, VA, furnace, you should expect it to produce some noise, especially upon the start of a cycle. However, some noises are indicators of issues with your furnace and will need addressed. There are several sounds you never want to hear your furnace make.

Loud Banging or Popping

Dirty furnace burners may cause loud banging or popping sounds. This issue may allow gas to accumulate in your heating system, leading to inefficiency and possible damage to the heat exchanger.

Dirty burners may quickly become a serious safety issue, risking the safety of your home and those inside. If you experience loud banging noises coming from your heating system, you should have it checked immediately by a certified technician.

Grinding and Scraping in Furnace

Grinding and scraping sounds mean something mechanical is failing inside. These noises are often the result of dry bearings. Another possible cause is a loose blower motor fan that is scraping against the housing.

Repeated Clicking

It’s normal for a gas heating system to make a clicking noise on startup. If the noise is repetitive, it may mean that your control panel or compressor is faulty.


A squealing sound is usually an issue with the blower motor, most often resulting from an issue with the belt or a pulley. It could also signal trouble inside the blower motor.

Furnace Rumbling After Cycle

If your furnace rumbles after it completes a cycle, it’s a sign that you need service right away. The rumble is likely to be fuel continuing to burn in the combustion chamber after the cycle has ended.

If your furnace is making noises, don’t leave it unchecked. Schedule a maintenance visit with Duct-Rite Mechanical, LLC today to review your system.

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